HMO Management

Houses of Multiple Occupancy are a great investment as the returns tend to outweigh those typically seen from a single let, however, they do require a lot of work and day to day management, which can become time consuming. We offer a professional service to take care of those day to day tasks meaning you can focus on building your doing more of the things you love or maybe you want to continue building your empire, either way we are here for you.

Image by Ross Joyner

Company Lets

We work with a wide range of companies across Essex and Hertfordshire to provide high-quality accommodation for their professional employees.


From time to time, companies need to move their employees around the world to work on specific projects or provide specific resources and skills in a particular area for a short to medium period of time. 

The service we offer helps companies to reduce their costs, which would typically be for hotels or Airbnb type stays and can be very expensive. We can provide whole houses or rent on a room by room basis in one of our fully licensed HMOs.

If you are responsible for accommodation in your company, then call us today on 08000 699 737 or click the button below to send a contact form.

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