Looking for a simple and hassle-free solution to renting your property? 


We can help.

There are hundreds of reasons why people may need to rent their property and we work hard to get to know our landlords and provide them with the best solution for their individual needs. The main outcomes landlords look for are that their rent is paid on time every month and that their property is well looked after. 

We specialise in providing high end shared accommodation to working

professionals in the Essex and Hertfordshire regions. With shared accommodation playing an essential role in the UK housing market it's important that a good supply is available. We manage our properties well and provide class-leading service to our landlord's and our customers. 

How it works


At a time that's convenient for you, we will visit you to get to know you and to appraise your property. Based on its location, condition and the number of rooms, we will offer you a fixed rent guaranteed every month.

We take care of everything to do with compliance, health and safety and licensing where applicable. 


If necessary, we will refurbish your property by redecorating and fitting new carpets throughout, this will add value to the property.

All tenants are subject to the same standards of referencing that you would expect from a high street or online letting agent.


Our agreements range from 2-5 years giving you complete peace of mind for a long period of time. You have just as much if not more rights over your property using the management agreement we provide.

What are the benefits of using us vs the traditional methods of renting?

  • Your property rented in days not weeks

  • No hassle

  • No fees (Ever)

  • No maintenance issues

  • No tenant issues

  • A fixed rental income guaranteed every month

  • Value-added through refurbishment

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