Top tips for marketing your property

How the smell of your property can influence decisions.

Shared accommodation is big business and the competition is becoming fierce as landlords seek to maximise the returns on their investments. The quality of rooms in modern HMOs is massively on the rise and this is driven by customer expectation. HMO rooms these days are more like hotel rooms with en-suite bathrooms, comfortable beds and Netflix in each room. with all this in mind, what other things can you do to ensure your rooms are constantly filled with the right type of tenant? here is one suggestion we have.

The smell is the Superman of the senses and according to Mandarin Oriental's branding specialists, hotel guests remember what they smell two times longer and more vividly than what they see or hear.

The hotel industry spends hundreds of millions of dollars on researching and creating their signature scents, which then becomes a big part of their brand and overall image.

So, what has this got to do with marketing rooms in my shared accommodation you may ask, well the answer is simple, the pleasant smell of your property could be the deciding factor for someone choosing your room over a competitor. If you walk into a room with an unpleasant odour, you would quite possibly remember that one as 'the smelly one' and dismiss it because of this whereas, if there was a nice clean fresh fragrance permeating the air from the moment you walk in, you are more likely to remember it as 'the one that smelled nice', it's so simple yet massively underutilised.

By no means is this a suggestion for you to enlist the services of a luxury parfumier and spend thousands of pounds creating your signature scent, just leverage the millions of pounds the hotels spent on research on this topic.

Find a plug-in or reed diffuser that has a clean fresh fragrance and remember that you can't please everyone, but try not to get anything too overbearing as it could have the opposite effect.

I recommend reed diffusers or air standalone air fresheners for bathrooms and toilets, plug-ins everywhere else. A word of warning when it comes to reed diffusers, don't use them anywhere where there's a chance it could be knocked off as the oils can ruin carpets.

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