Top tips for marketing your property

All this week, we're giving you tips for marketing your property to ensure you attract your ideal tenants, keep your rooms filled and tenants happy. If you missed our last blog, simply click here to catch up.

When potential tenants are looking online for a room to rent, one of the main things they will look at is the little picture in the thumbnail, that little box is essentially your shop window, so make the effort to make it look better than everyone else's. It's just enough to stop them from scrolling through the page and past your advert.

Given the quality of cameras on smartphones these days, there's really no excuse for taking poor quality images of your rooms.

If you live near a college or university, why not ask some of the students to take the photos. They can then use it in their portfolio and you could even offer a small fee for their time. The difference really is staggering and remember, photos are what potential tenants will see first.

refer to do it yourself, then go for it! A few things to remember, open the curtains to let in as much natural light as possible, lighting really is key to taking great photos. wherever possible try to do your photos in the daytime to allow natural light in.

If you ever get stuck for ideas and inspiration, I highly recommend heading over to Pinterest where you'll find a wide range of design ideas some of which use high street soft furnishings to get that high-end look.

Why not check out the competition first, so you can see just how much better your rooms and more importantly your photography needs to be. I recommend using sites such as SpareRoom or Gumtree these are both great resources for conducting your market research.

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