HMO Marketing Tips - Kerb Appeal

Your potential tenants are likely to check out the area before viewing your property and chances are, if they drive past your property and it looks in a tired state then they'll probably keep driving and the scariest part about that is they can do it on their mobile phone by using Google Maps. I've seen a lot of shared houses and some of them you can spot a mile away, you know the ones, dirty windows, shabby net curtains sort of covering the window and generally in a bit of state.

Net curtains

I have never been a fan of net curtains, they can look dirty and don't create a great modern look. Alternatives can be relatively cheap to buy, blackout blinds are a good option as they not only keep the light out, but they also look good from the inside and outside and they're easy to install. Venetian blinds can be a slightly more expensive option, but they do look great from the outside and create a more quality look to your property.


These are my favorite attention grabber, they look great and if you're worried about the Buxus ball dying then just buy artificial ones. Tall planters can be bought from most garden centers or Amazon has some reasonably priced options and you can even buy the artificial Buxus for around £30. If you don't have room for such grandeur then consider hanging baskets or window boxes to add a touch of greenery and colour.


If you have a lawn out the front of your property then make sure it's mown regularly and leaves are swept away to give it a nice clean appearance. You could also look at artificial grass, which always looks pristine and you ever have to worry about cutting it ever again.

Clean path and driveways

You can do this yourself by buying or hiring a pressure washer and depending on the size of your paths and driveway, it could be done relatively quickly and once you've blasted away the years of dirt the difference in appearance can be staggering. A good sweep every so often should keep it looking great. If you hire a maintenance person, why not ask them to do it for you?

Fix Repairs minor defects

Keeping on top of the maintenance is important and needn't cost the earth. Be sure to fix any defects to paintwork and gutters to ensure your property always looks its best. Take a look from across the street and see if you can spot any areas that are in need of a spruce up. Soffits and facias tend to be an area of neglect and if left untreated can make your property look quite unappealing. If they're past the point of repair then consider replacing them with a UPVC version, they tend to last a lot longer and are easier and cheaper to maintain.

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