Customer service is key to the success of your HMO business

Service is a key factor in any business and running a successful HMO business is no different. You need to ensure you are being proactive in discovering issues before they become problems and be quick to react to any major issues in a timely manner.

Responding to maintenance issues

Your cleaner should be your eyes and ears whenever they clean your property. Give them a checklist of things you want to be done and include a visual check of things that may be broken or need of repair, keep a log and get them fixed asap. This will show your tenants that you are a proactive landlord and that you are on top of any issues. If a tenant reports an issue, the same applies, however, I would suggest keeping in contact with the tenant during and after the issue has been resolved just make sure they're happy.

Dealing with complaints

Deal with all complaints in a timely manner and ensure measures are put in place to prevent them from happening again or at the very least so you have a guide on what to do should the matter arise again in the future, always be learning.

Asking for feedback

When you conduct your property checks, aim to speak with your tenants and ask them for feedback on the house. You never know what they'll say and they could say they have a friend who lives in a house and they've just got a Nespresso machine if that's what your tenants want and it won't break the bank then give it to them. It's the little things that make a big difference and if a £100 coffee machine stops your tenant moving out and creating a void period then it's money well spent. If it's an unreasonable request like a helipad on the roof then you can hopefully laugh it off. Just remember that your tenants are your customers and keeping them happy will keep your rooms filled and your cash flowing. If you're feeling brave enough why not ask your tenants if there's anything you could be doing better, you could be surprised with what they say. Getting feedback is an essential part of our growth as business owners and as human beings.

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